Monday, January 9, 2012

Lessons ~ On going lessons learned

Yesterday, after Mass, I was struck how at any moment we might encounter Christ. I often park down the street from church to avoid the hoards of people trying to park in the lot. This way, I can have a nice walk to and from, instead of sitting in my car longer than I have to. Well, on my way back to my car I saw a different sort of figure walking towards me, soon to pass. I was struck at his small stature and his hooded sweatshirt pulled over his head on a lovely sunny day. I was a little apprehensive in passing this person. But, as soon as I did meet up with him, it turned out to be Father Mike, the Pastor of my Parish! He said, "Hello", and complimented me on my choice to walk to Church. He then gave me a blessing, and wished me a good day! I immediately summed up my apprehension as a prejudice, and I was saddened that I was lost, momentarily, in my false perception.
 You never know who you'll meet. It may, someday, be Christ. Christ is in all of us!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Be careful what you say.................

 Be careful what you say. Even to someone you think can take your quirks, and the "what seems" to be ordinary drama of your life. Because they might just not be able to.

I have to admit to myself that my life is unconventional. Heck, I'm unconventional. So, when I present myself openly, and honestly to someone who is not, I shouldn't be surprised when they back off.

I don't know how to do this, but It's never too late learn and correct one's behavior. I should just be aware of their hairs that are standing on end or the winching of their faces when I'm opening up to them.

Then again, if someone is your friend, or claims to be, shouldn't they just take you as you are? I mean, people have to let themselves shine and be who they are. OK, I've made up my mind. My title should be, "Be careful of allowing people's facial gestures from intimidating you. Just be you!"

I must ponder................

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The spirit of giving

I've often been the recipient of random acts of kindness. Most notable are the unselfish acts of giving from strangers.

There was the girl at Nordstrom who gave her saint bracelet to me. The woman who gave me a coat right off her back when it was cold. A man who gave me a bottle of wine when he bought six, and again tonight when I noticed a young man's crucifix he was wearing. All of these gifts were given to me simply because I noticed them.

It makes me wonder if there was a need for me to have them, or to notice the unselfishness from where they came. Maybe both. But when contemplating these, it does make me aware of God's desire to provide. In doing so, he also sends his love through his children.

Tonight while I was at work, a young man who was about twenty five came to me. I said to him, "Your crucifix makes quite the statement". He looked at me and smiled. He was in thought for a moment. He turned around and took it off of his neck and gave it to me. It also had a St. Francis of Assisi medal on it. He than just handed it to me, and said, "It's your turn to wear it." and walked away. I was stunned. It obviously meant a great deal to him. I can tell he had it a while. Both the medal and the cross are lovely, and have a nice patina from wear. I was thinking how I couldn't just give away my necklace with a pendant of our Mother Mary to just anyone. I love it too much! But, maybe there lays the lesson. Why hold onto the material, when what I have in my heart is much greater.

The unselfish acts of giving and making others feel joy is wonderful. Even greater is when you learn a humbling lesson from it. That's the love of your brother,"your neighbor" that Christ professed; The second of his two great commandments.

I still am not ready to give my well loved necklace of our Mother Mary away. But I may, when Holy Spirit asks me to.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Saint Cecilia's Song

Saint Cecilia is my chosen Patron Saint. The reasons I chose her are many. They are as follows:
She knew her angel, she sang to God constantly, she converted hundreds even though she was young maiden, She's inspired many poets and musicians to sing her praises. But mostly, she never denied her love of God, even though it cost her her life.
She is the perfect friend in Christ for me.

Saint Cecilia, hear my prayers
 I've started a blog. This is a way to express myself in the journal form. Anyone is welcome to read, or join me here. Just be aware that these are my thoughts, and If you do read them, you do so because you wanted to know them.

I cant find a decent pen! This is why this has become my form of writing my journal.

Love, Helen